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Corchos de calidad

Quality stoppers

QUALITAP, S.L. is a company highly specialized in the market of semi-finished natural cork stoppers.

Our facilities are located in Cassa de la Selva (Catalonia, Spain), a town with long history in the cork industry.

The highly quality control of the manufacturing process of our cork stoppers allows us to have a full traceability of all our productions.

The professional technical team of QUALITAP, S.L., with more than 20 years of experience in the cork industry, along with modern technology, ensures the highest quality of our product achieving the full satisfaction of our clients.

Tapón natural

Natural stopper

Composition of 100% natural cork type wine stopper

Composite by a natural cork cylindrical body. Custom-made, correct humidity and disinfectant wash peroxide kind by FDA and CEE regulations.

Tapón natural

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